The Trust rescues and re-homes between 600 and 700 Labradors every year in the South West of England. Unfortunately, quite a few of these dogs require extensive veterinary treatment and/or behavioural training in order for them to be socialised so that we can successfully re-home them. Veterinary bills and fees for animal behaviourists are ever increasing and this is why we need your support in sponsoring a Labrador.

Everyone working for The Trust is an unpaid volunteer, so you can be assured that all of your sponsorship money (less minor admin costs) will go directly to helping the Labrador you have chosen to sponsor.

What you get
How much will it cost?
How to sponsor a Labrador?
Labradors who need your help!

What you get

When you sponsor a Labrador you (or your chosen recipient) will receive a Sponsorship Pack, which consists of the following:

  • A letter giving details of the Labrador that you have chosen to sponsor and outlining how the money will help him or her.
  • A photograph of your sponsored Labrador.
  • A small cuddly ‘beanie’ Labrador or a fridge magnet Labrador (the same colour as the Labrador you have sponsored).
  • A keyring.
  • A Labrador Rescue Trust car sticker.

After three months we will send you an update on your chosen Labrador.

All our sponsorship boxes are thoroughly quality control checked by our willing volunteers!

How much will it cost?

Although we ask for a minimum donation of £25 to sponsor a Labrador, please feel free to increase this amount as you wish.

If you are sponsoring a Labrador as a gift for somebody else, you can have the Sponsorship Pack gift wrapped (with Labrador paper) for an additional £2.50.

Postage of the Sponsorship Pack (which is by Royal Mail 1st Class) will cost an additional £5.50.

You can pay for your sponsorship either by cheque or debit/credit card, details of which are on the ‘Sponsor A Labrador Application Form’.

How to sponsor a Labrador

Sponsoring a Labrador is easy. All you have to do is:

  1. Choose which Labrador(s) you would like to sponsor from the list of ‘Labradors Who Need Your Help‘ below.
  2. Fill out a ‘Sponsor A Labrador Application Form’ (making sure you let us know who the sponsorship is for if it is a gift). The Application Form is here:
    Gift Sponsorship Application Form
  3. Decide if you would like the Sponsorship Pack gift wrapped.
  4. Send your Application Form and cheque/payment details to:
    Sponsor a Labrador
    The Labrador Rescue Trust
    32 Award Road
    BH21 7NT
  5. You can also donate a lump sum, or by monthly standing order. We are grateful for all donations and we are also able to reclaim an additional 28% from the Inland Revenue through the Gift Aid Scheme if you sign the relevant section at the bottom of the Application Form.

If you would like to set up a standing order to make regular donations, please download an Application Form For Regular Payments here:
Regular Sponsorship Application Form

If you have any queries in respect of sponsoring a Labrador, please contact the address above, call 07791 519084, or email sponsorship@labrador-rescue.com.

Labradors who need your help!


MiloMilo is two years old and has had a very unhappy and disrupted start to life.  Having been given away via the internet, we think he was savagely attacked by the dog in his new home.

Hi severe injuries required extensive reconstructive surgery on his face and he is now settling into his forever home.

The Trust had to act quickly to deal with Milo’s injuries so any sponsorship for the veterinary costs incurred would be wonderful.


Henry came into rescue aged 10 and a half weeks.  He has severe hip dysplasia as a result of unscrupulous breeding.

Since being with his foster home he has had a lot to contend with in hi s short life.  He started going to hydrotherapy almost immediately – on a treadmill to build up his muscles – and then had major surgery on his left hip which had virtually no socket – this has proved to be quite successful so far – he also had to have the tendons released in his hock, they were so tight he could not flex his foot so was unable to put it to the ground properly.

He continues to make progress, and is now able to put his foot down and extend his leg without third party assistance !  Throughout all of this he remains a delightful, lively, loving young dog who has participated in five street collections this summer, helping to raise many hundreds of pounds for the charity and giving many people a lot of pleasure in stroking and talking to him.

All of which he laps up and when he feels tired he curls up on the pavement and has a snooze – which seems to bring him even more attention !



Max (with the white blind dog collar) was put into rescue as his owners were leaving him on his own for 10 hours per day – their vet suggested TLRT.

He is 7 years old and blind because of cataracts, it is too late now to operate on him so he needs regular medication to prevent infections.

Max is now with Christine and Raymond who also care for two other rescue dos who are supported by The Trust, both of which had severe skin problems and are on regular medication and special food.

They are Choccy and Alfie.  Max has fitted in so well, it is a joy to see him with his two buddies.  Our lovely vet, Alison, dedicated as always, visits them when required in their loving and caring forever home.


IMG_1930Rolo had surgery for his left elbow dysplasia 6 weeks ago.  He’s done really well and we are now going to slowly start to increase activity.

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