Many LRT Members will probably remember Maddie, (Tripod) because of her missing back leg which she lost at the age of six because of cancer.

In July 2015 she came second in the Veteran class at the Westonzoyland LRT Fun Day.

Sadly we had to lose Maddie, as suddenly she was falling frequently and having fits with each fall. So on the 16th September that awful decision had to be made.

Maddie Mclean


We will always be grateful to Gina for bringing her to us and especially for bringing us MILO a beautiful Black Labrador a few weeks before Christmas.

Milo Mclean


He is a long-legged bundle of energy, and although he is reported to be 8 years old he thinks he is still a puppy.

He is very obedient, walks to heel and is a fantastic housedog and companion.

We live on a main road which upsets him – as he has to show dislike for vehicles with a loud bark.

Milo at Christmas

Milo at Christmas

He has been introduced to all our grown-up children and their dogs and gets on well with them all, once he has explained that he is Boss.







He is very good with children and our baby grand-daughters loved him.

He loves to play in our large garden and no amount of play, or long walks, or racing about off lead in the fields seem to tire him for very long.

Thank you Gina and everyone at LRT and wishing you all every happiness in 2016

Chris and June Mclean and Milo.