Paddy – 10 years together and still going strong

Frances and I have been Paddy’s partners (rather than owners) for almost 10 years now and he has brought us so much joy and pleasure. I work from home and Paddy spends all day with me in my home office. The day after we got him we took him to a mini rugby festival where he decided to do a ‘Steve McQueen’ and legged it from the festival. Fortunately, one of our friends was a cross country runner and she took off after him – after two miles she finally caught up with him. Ever since then we have been best mates.


So, what can I tell you about Paddy? Well, he’s the world’s worst gun dog (much to my son’s disgust). He LOVES water, especially the sea. And as Paddy and I grow old disgracefully together we look more and more alike.


Thank you so much for giving the chance to provide a home for this wonderful gentleman. Please share this story and picture with anybody who is considering adopting a lab – it will be the best decision they ever make.

Kind regards,



Paddy May 2015 Paddy-1