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Veterinary Help Sheets

Our Veterinary Help Sheets have been very kindly written by Robert White-Adams MRCVS, who regularly writes informative columns in The Trust’s ‘Labradors Forever’ magazine.

The Trust wishes to extend their most grateful thanks to Bobby White-Adams for his invaluable contribution to our rescue work.

If you have enjoyed browsing the site and have found our Help Sheets useful – PLEASE do consider making a donation, as every donation will help us to continue rescuing and rehoming Labradors.

These Information Sheets are intended to serve as a guideline to new homes and foster homes. They are the result of many years of experience from our helpers and we hope that they provide a useful insight. Please note that these are only guidelines and The Labrador Rescue Trust, its helpers and officers make clear that it is the responsibility of each home/foster home to recognise the needs of their dog and to react to those needs. The Trust, its helpers and officers cannot be held responsible for the behaviour of any individual dog.

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