Connie arrived with us 27th January 2007 just after her fifth birthday. When we had met her earlier that month at Liskeard we thought she was the prettiest bitch we had seen over many years of contact with Labradors and were not going to pass on the opportunity of keeping her.

Connie had obviously been a family dog as she paid particular attention to the sounds of families with children passing our home on the way to and from school. This attention continued for several months but gradually she became used to our slighly less frenetic lifestyle.

When our children and grandchildren visited she enjoyed being the centre of attention. She makes new friends almost daily as nearly everyone we meet  wants to make a fuss of her and they certainly enjoy the attention she gives them, especially if there are treats in a pocket or bag. Her nose is still as keen as ever it was.

Connie enjoyed long walks for several years and has, until recently, always been full of energy. She is definitely a carrier and sniffer but never a ball chaser or retriever. She objected to people letting off fireworks, not through nervousness or fear but disturbance of her peace and now being hard of hearing she hardly notices them.

As part of her adoption we were obliged to have her speyed but we were informed she’d had a litter and that has been evident from her positive reaction to smaller dogs and puppies. Connie had also at some stage in her earlier life suffered a broken elbow joint and for some years now has been receiving medication for arthritis in that joint and more lately in reduced rotation of her hindquarters.

In spite of the obvious discomfort Connie remains a loving and giving friend to anyone we meet on our regular short walks and a wonderful companion to my wife and I.

The photo shows Connie still enjoying the company of children at our recent Golden Wedding celebration.

She is now 14 years 8months and we heartily thank you for the privelege of sharing our lives with her.

Regards Jacky and Stuart



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