In June 2014 a family contacted The Labrador Rescue Trust to ask if we could re home Ebony and her male companion, a black Labrador boy who have been together as a pair from puppies. They were both 6 years old at this time and were extremely well cared for. The family were absolutely devastated at having to make this decision, but due to a drastic change in personal circumstances they were no longer able to afford the spiralling medical costs for Ebony.

Ebony became incontinent in 2013 and after numerous tests was stabilised with medication.

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 11.43.35A short time later whilst out on a walk she collapsed and was hospitalised for several days and more tests found that she had developed Addison’s disease, which is a heart condition and not common in canines. It could prove fatal if not detected and treated early.

She was undergoing regular checks to get the balance of her medication correct for her to be able to cope and live a near normal life as possible.

She had also developed a skin problem where her fur was falling out and had quite a few bald patches over various parts of her body. It was thought that this may be stress related due to her medical condition.

A family had recently been approved to adopt one of our Labradors and stated at the time that they would be more than willing to take a pair of dogs, regardless of age and would also consider managing a medical condition.

The family were approached and given the full facts about Ebony and the care, monitoring, regular medical checks and blood tests etc she would need for the rest of her life. They researched the conditions which Ebony had developed and decided without hesitation that they wished to adopt her and her companion.

She has a strict diet and exercise regime to keep her weight stabilised, undergoes regular blood tests to monitor the level of medication she requires to keep her conditions stable and her fur is now beginning to grow back having become less stressed. She lives a near normal life as possible and enjoys everything she does.

She loves her ball and walks along with it in her mouth, dropping it for someone to kick it a short distance to allow her to retrieve it. Her companion is never far from her side in everything they do, and they always do things together.

They are both adored by their new family and people who meet them. We hope that Ebony’s health continues to improve as we are sure it will with the help of The Trust and new devoted family.

Ebony’s lifelong companion watches over her as ever.

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