Hi, we got Max from you in late 2009 when this large bundle of energy arrived in our house. He quickly made it clear that things were now going to be different. Things were to be done HIS way! What a character! He loved the hills , food, sleep, food, water, food, swimming, food and all of us with a big heart. Did I mention he loved his food?  He NEVER did anything he didn’t want to do, he would just simply refuse to co-operate. Never nasty…just stubborn, and we loved him for it. He saw himself as an equal to us humans and had to be on the same level..once famously climbing into the hosts chair when she vacated it at a barbecue. As he aged he mellowed somewhat and welcomed a Jack Russell pup into the family. They became fast friends with Max teaching and protecting him carefully, once even saving him from the other side of a river.

He suffered with arthritis in his shoulder and hips but never complained or became tetchy. He was sadly taken from us suddenly and swiftly at the age of 9.

As a family we thank you for allowing him into our lives, and we were able to give him a good life and a loving home.


Tim and Family

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