Shop Visit

Dear Sheila,
My husband and I drove from south Devon, this morning, with ten or so boxes
of things for your shop. We brought the dogs too (of course) and the whole
experience was very pleasant. The shop smells lovely and clean and the two
chatty women on duty made us a hot drink and gave the dogs treats. I bought
Christmas cards and an art glass plaque. When we accumulate enough things,
during our pre-move sort-out, to make a return trip, we shall do it again.
We loved the fun day at Weston Zoyland last month too.
As a large part of what we brought was books and good quality glassware and
ornaments , I wondered if you had ever considered putting the best ones on
eBay or even, in the case of books,  Amazon. I have certainly bought things
on both sites from charities, especially hospices. It does require some
setting up and someone to pack and post, but for your choicer items it would
almost certainly raise more than selling through the shop.
Please thank this morning’s volunteers for their warm welcome.
With best wishes
Sandra and Roy Hancock, Tiber (black Lab) and Loden (black and white working
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