We thought we would share some memories of our beautiful black lab Sophie (originally Josie), who we got from the Labrador Trust 12 years ago, in October 2004.

When she first arrived she was very anxious, but she soon found her confidence and came into her own, chasing deer over the forest and even going as far as stealing a whole roast chicken and taking it out for a run in the garden. Like many labradors, Sophie had a heart of gold and a bottomless pit for a stomach.

On one occasion when she didn’t eat her dinner we were so shocked that we called the vet, but after hearing that Sophie was a labrador, she advised us to check if anything was missing and sure enough, we discovered a torn up 1kg bag of cat food, tucked away in the corner behind her bed. Sophie’s intelligence would rival many human adults, teaching herself tricks such as how to open doors and masterminding plots to steal dog biscuits alongside Sky, our Siamese cat. After we inherited Sky, Sophie was eager to welcome her into the family and within days they became pals and were inseparable soon after.

Sophie’s kind, gentle spirit could win over anyone, and everyone who met Sophie fell in love with her – whether that was cats, postmen or even people who said they didn’t like dogs. She won our hearts and she was loved very much right up until we sadly had to say goodbye to her last week, reaching the impressive age of 13 and a half.

Her loss has left a quiet emptiness in our lives, which any dog owner who has experienced the same will know well, and we hope that we can give another dog in need the same chance to live a life full of the love and happiness which we shared with Sophie.

Kind regards,

The Guard family


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