The Summer in Dorset and Hampshire

It’s been another busy summer for The Labrador Rescue Trust in Dorset and Hampshire.  We’ve had an information and merchandise stand at The New Forest Show, The Ellingham Show and The Dorset County Show, along with lots of other fundraising at local shows and events throughout the summer.

Yet again it’s been amazing to meet and chat to so many people about all things Labrador.  Everyone that visited the stands has been so generous, whether it be buying merchandise, buying raffle tickets, guessing the name of the labrador or putting whatever spare change they had into the collection tins.

The fundraising is an important part of what the helpers of Dorset and Hampshire do when giving up their time to be at these shows, but more important than that is the opportunity to inform people about the good work that The Trust is involved in.

The success of these shows is really measured in the number of new people we get to talk to and provide information for.  Some may result in new homes, new foster homes or even new helpers for The Trust.

One of the best feelings is when we get a visit from one of our Labradors.  Often the conversation can start with ‘We came to the stand last year, put in the application, and here we are now, with a rescue Labrador.’

It makes the early starts, long days and aching limbs all worth while.

A huge thank you to all of the helpers that have done their bit on the stands this summer.

Let’s do it all again next year, we know you love it !!!

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